The Cosmo Collective
August 10 2019


It's August 2020 and the Cosmo Collective has been born, which makes this space a fiery Leo. As it's currently Leo season and the most recent Leo New Moon supposedly encourages us to step out of our comfort zones and into a more productive mentality, it is fitting that we're launching this month! Mercury Retrograde is also finally over so the chaos of life should settle a little and we should be seeing more progression... of course the reality of life always seems to get in the way! Anyway, here's a introduction to this platform...


Welcome to the Cosmo Collective, a creative online space where we share internal ramblings, honest opinions and critical thinking as we navigate our early 20s in this confusing universe. Our aim is to open up discussion around topics close to our hearts and build a community of people who are critical of what they read. We aim to build a culture, a shared attitude of authenticity. Practically this means posts about life choices, love, inspirational people and how to do your taxes.

See, you don't have to worry, we're not actually zodiac junkies, just your average London 20-something folk trying to figure out an authentic truth to live by, surrounded by a sea of confusing opinions and information. We really hope you stick around and definitely leave us a comment if you're excited about the future of this space!